Lizards And Such

I just saw a lizard on the sidewalk in front of my work. It was long, green, and looked like a prime example of what a lizard should be. I was worried someone would come along and crush him, but I also wasn't about to pick up a lizard I had never met before. So for a couple minutes I stood in front of him and stared down as people passed. I secretly hoped someone would stop or say "Whoa, a lizard," but apparently this isn't as uncommon of an occurrence as I thought and I saw at least two people walk by while they chatted on their blue-tooth cell phones completely unfazed by the fact that there was a person in the walkway entranced by a creature on the ground. Such is life.

After a little while I decided it might be best if I left nature to take it's own course, but I couldn't help but gaze upon my lizard friend (I secretly named him Gomez) from afar. I began to wince as an over-weight girl approached, but Gomez hardly flinched as she stepped over him completely unaware. I was impressed with how he was able to keep his cool.

I'll have to check in with him soon.

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lehua said...

totally stared at him too.