Japanese Commercial Super Fun Great Time

It's time to play another round of everyone's favorite game. That's right, it's time to guess what product is being advertised in these crazy Japanese advertisements!

The product is:
a. race cars
b. spike tv
c. max coffee
d. illicit drugs
e. transforming human-car robots

Answer: All of the above.

The following "Ski Toilet" is actually part of an advertising campaign in Japan, but what is it selling?

Really your guess is as good as mine. Still, I'm not sure I could sit there and not feel under pressure.

Here's one that I do know.
What is the following product?

a. raisins
b. prunes
c. feces
d. otter boogers
e. beetles

Correct Answer:
D. "Otter Boogers"
According to the website Pink Tentacle, "The protein-packed booger snacks are actually made of amanattō, or candied black beans, and they are quite tasty if you can get over the name." Check out their Gorilla Boogers as well. Or don't. The choice is yours.

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