Concert Re-Cap: Chad Vangaalen

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Chad Vangaalen perform at Club Spaceland here in LA. Not quite electronic, and certainly not acoustic, Chad Vangaalen orchestrates a unique combination of sounds and music to a point in which they both become complimentary to each other. Unlike the opening band Women, Vangaalen's music is never fully overpowered by the back-up reverbs and electronic hisses and pops. Instead he fashions his personal and revealing vocals, often quivering in the midst of reflections upon death and the supernatural, with traditional melodies accompanied with very non-traditional instruments. This here is your quintessential alternative-folk artist.

His music is very much his own. I struggle for comparison, but the closest I can come to explaining him is like an electric Sufjan Stevens meeting Of Montreal, except this individual brings the former into the world of rock and doesn't bother with the latter bands musical tangents. Somehow I think even that description doesn't suffice. So instead I say you just give him a listen, or a look, or maybe even both.

cries of the dead - Chad Vangaalen (via awmusic)

Molten Light - Chad Vangaalen (via guessimfloating)

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