Concert Re-cap: Clem Snide at Spaceland 4/7/09

Back in July I had the pleasure of seeing Eef Barzelay perform live at Spaceland here in LA. Immediately the man became one of my favorite live performers, which was a plus considering he was already one of my favorite songwriters to begin with. Now he's back.

Well, sort of.

This time he brought along friends with his former band name Clem Snide.

Clem Snide is somewhat of a paradox. From what I can tell, the supporting band members are a constantly rotating assemblage of musicians with the center axle being that of Barzelay himself. What separates this from Barzelay's solo projects is more of a concern of content rather than composition. After all, Eef performed with back-up when on tour for his previous album Bitter Honey. While that project was significantly introspective, personalized, and tailored with electric folk, Clem Snide aims for the crowd with more prominent country influences which rarely overwhelm their penchant for alternative folk. In other words, it's largely similar to what you've heard, except with the possibility of more solos on guitar, drums, or even Eef's own a-cappella melodies.

Performed live, Eef showed relentless exuberance, at times even appearing to suffer from some sort of musical tourrette syndrome.
"I'm too drunk!" One audience member replied when Eef solicited help with a broken guitar string.
"I'll tell you who's too drunk," he quipped back with a smile.
The man could have fooled me, but if this is under the influence I wonder what kind of a musical madman he is sober.

In terms of catchiness the new Clem Snide might not reach the same peak that Eef's "post-apocalyptic folk" album Bitter Honey did, but it certainly serves as a wonderful extension to it. Lovers of the old can't go wrong by giving it a listen and newbies will certainly find to be a fantastic introduction.

Me No - Clem Snide(via:rollogrady)

here's a video of him back in July:

And here's Clem now, featuring Eef and the infamous broken string:

Keep you're eyes peeled for me and Beth, we'd be standing somewhere over on the left in front of Eef himself.
(she got nailed by one of the drummers tossed sticks)

this next one is my favorite off the new album. It's "Born a Man."

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