Commercials, Kangaroo's, and the Dirty Mind

This story may not be entirely appropriate.

We were watching TV a few nights ago when this commercial for Aussi Shampoo suddenly appeared.

All of us tend to zone-out during commercial breaks, so I was surprised when Anthony unexpectedly leaned forward with his eyes wide open.

"Wait." He said, with a confused and disturbed expression. "Rewind it!"

I usually forget that our cable box even has the ability to rewind shows. Slowly leaning forward from my imbedded groove in the couch, I reached for the remote control.
As I fumbled with the buttons I decided to ask, "Why exactly do we need to rewind this?"
Anthony looked at me, apparently unsure how to phrase his response. Eventually he said, "I'm pretty sure that shampoo bottle just shot out of that Kangaroo's vagina."

Now, I want you to think long and hard about that sentance, because I'm fairly certain no one has ever, or will ever utter it again.

"Huh." I replied, while pressing the play button.
I watched it closely. It certainly looked close enough during the fast editing, but the only way to be sure would be to watch it again.

"Whoa. Wait, no. No, that's it's pouch." I explained.
"Ohhhhh!" Anthony exclaimed.

But there was this undeniable air of dissappointment in the room. It was as though we just missed a moment in history. I think, deep down inside, we all live in a world where we would like to see a stuffed-animal kangaroo shoot shampoo bottles out of it's vagina on television. Perhaps someday we can, for our children's sake, make it happen.
Or we could all just move to Japan. I bet they have all sorts of hair care products shooting out of their animals.

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Anonymous said...

hey, technically your little friend is right, the pouch is a kangaroos vagina. Some call it a Virginia!