Japanese Craziness

I had sushi for the first time last night.

When I took my first bite, THIS is what I saw:


I just had thirteen seizures.

But really though, it was that good.

Here's a commercial featuring four Japanese schoolgirls inside of an Edemame pod.

Here's another commercial for what appears to be Sweat inside of a can.

Perhaps "sweat" translates out to something more delicious in Japan, but here in America it only brings to mind images of overweight people attempting to walk up a steep incline on a hot summer day. Why exactly anyone would want to buy a container of human sweat is beyond me, but clearly not beyond the Japanese. Which is exactly what I like about them.


Bradley Clarke said...

wow. they had that stuff all over china, too, but i never could bring myself to try it... or even give the label a good, hard reading because i was happier convincing myself it said "sweet."

Anonymous said...

Pocari Sweat is like the Japanese verison of Gatorade. It's good. You should try it.

Zack Newcott said...

Easy there, I just had sushi for the first time. I think the rule is one new Japanese food a week. And ever since I started with the edemame my fridge has lost room for anything else. But I just might...