Nagi Noda, and Animal Hair Hats

Today I decided to take a look at the works of Nagi Noda, an artist I came across while doing one of my frequent YouTube searches for "Insane Japanese."

Nagi Noda is in fact a Japanese artist, the one chiefly responsible for giving me nightmares with THIS:

It's rather brilliantly surreal.
But again, what. the. eff.

When she isn't making disturbingly surreal music videos with life-sized poodles, she actually makes incredibly detailed "hair hats," commonly in the shape of animals.

Her music videos have been compared to the works of Michel Gondry in regards to their visual inventiveness and adept use of animation combined with live-action. It's a justifiable comparison.

But again, when it comes to film, it is within narrative works that visuals are placed under the highest pressure as they have to tell a story as well as immerse the viewer. Her work with Cut Copy and their song Hearts On Fire, is perhaps the most mainstream work she has completed. As a result, it is a charming depiction of love, depression, and self loathing.

And I really like it.

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