I Found Them

Oh yes. I found them.

The two least interesting postcards in existence.

But unfortunately my picture taking skills are terrible, so I will have to describe them to you in the same manner I would describe it to a blind man. The first is of the "Chiriaco Summit" travel center.

In reality, it is just a Chevron gas station in the middle of a desert. Even today it takes a solid drive of fifty miles across bare nothingness to even come close to it.

This "travel center" however, proudly proclaims that this gas station has been around since 1933, a time in which I assume the only passing automobile was driven by a man wearing driving goggles and was accompanied by a dog in the passengers seat, also wearing goggles and a long red scarf.

Still, there is a smidge of an interesting site here at the Chiriaco Summit, specifically the General Patton Museum which has the added benefit of featuring a statue of Patton himself, along with a tank alongside the highway.

The tank and statue are not shown on the postcard.

The second postcard is perhaps even more intriguing, as it features three middle school kids holding up a flag and a wooden cross on a mountain.

What's somewhat strange is that the pictures appear to be straight out of someone's photo album. Even stranger still is the unsolved mystery as to how exactly one of the three kids appears to suffer from a severe glandular problem, yet still has managed to climb an entire mountain. What was the secret? Frequent breaks? Power Bars? Getting carried by the other two kids? The world may never know.

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