On The Jorb

Yes, it's true. I finally got myself a job. A very small part time job. For eight hours a week.

I work in the school's Art Gallery, where I attend to the art.

At the job interview I was asked a series of questions, such as, "what does an art attendant do?" and "What doesn't an art attendant do?"

Actually, those were the only two questions, but I think I did a good job answering them because now I am entrusted to protect paintings such as this:

The exhibit features work by William Kurelek, a Canadian born artist whose art is rooted in his Hungarian background and Roman Catholic influences.
His family owned and operated a farm until it was lost during the Great Depression.

In 1952 he entered the Maudley Psychiatric Hopital in England for his extreme depression.

Now... here's something the other Biola "Art Gallery" attendents won't tell you. William Kurelek was also treated for skizophrenia, and during treatments painted a a work entitled "The Maze" which would later make an appearance as Van Halen's kick-ace album cover for Fair Warning.


William Kurelek later converted to the Roman Catholic Church, to which he attributed his recuperation from his severe depression. His works after that were logically heavily influenced by religion. He went on to illustrate childrens books, his most famous being A Northern Nativity which illustrated what the birth of Jesus would have been like if it had been placed within a Canadian setting.

His work can range from quaint, to somewhat unnerving, as some of his works question the wastefulness of American society by placing starving immigrants in common household scenes, or foreign workers on golf courses.

Subtlety is not his best suit, and Kurelek's lack of tact somewhat turns me off from some of his works.

But when he isn't calling man's hypocracy into question, I found William Kurelek's work to be rather strikingly beautiful at times. I was specifically drawn towards his work involving landscapes and winter scenery. Although his dimensions can at times be confusing, he makes up for any lack of accuracy with intense detail which innevitably draws the viewer in for a closer viewing.

But then again, I'm not an art student, so I supose I'm really not qualified to judge.

But then again... It's my job to know this type of stuff. Am I right?


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kurelek's roots were Ukrainian.

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