25 Random Facts You Always Have Wanted, and Probably Need, To Know About Me, Zachary Newcott

Yes. This is the same questionnaire being spun around facebook like the mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it and danged if he knows how to use it! But here it is anyway, for your viewing pleasure.

1. Although I avoided making this note, I actually secretly really wanted to do it.

2. I was once hit in the head with a hammer as a child. We were building a tree house and I was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3. On rare occasions my leg shakes for no reason at all, but I have theories concerning it’s correlation to my emotions. I’m probably like a dog in that respect, also in other ways, of which I will not elaborate on.

4. For a short period of time Anywhere But Here starring Natalie Portman was my favorite movie.

5. I still can’t decide how I like to abbreviate my first name.

6. After school I used to always watch General Hospital with my mom and my sister. I kind of miss it. Sonny, Carli, Jason, Lucky, Luke and Laura, we had great times together.

7. I don't like to eat fish, but I really like sushi.

8. I have to hide my enjoyment of sushi from my mom.

9. I once worked at a Quizno's for less than 24 hours before quitting, and I regret nothing.

10. A video of mine was on HBO Family once when I was in middle school.Not many people know this about me, and I rarely mention it.

11. I can’t write very well when there’s music playing or the television’s on. It frustrates me.

12. Needles apparently make me faint when they’re being jammed into me. This also frustrates me.

13. I have been told I look like, and perhaps have even been mistaken for, the singer Josh Groban, although not so much recently.

14. When I set my alarm clock I usually wake up one minute before it goes off.

15. I can’t down things.

16. I once took tap dancing lessons in elementary school. I was, and still am, quite terrible at it.

17. I starred in my high school’s rendition of Les Miserables as Sailor #2. My only line was this: “Lovely ladies / Smell 'em through the smoke / Seven days at sea / Can make you hungry for a poke.” I went to a public school. Somehow this captivating performance of mine failed to be mentioned in the Washington Post.

18. I'm not Jewish, but I'm pretty sure my nose is.

19. I once ran for Student President of my school just so I could give a speech. I continued to make posters for my campaign months after I lost.

20. Although I got a C in Karate, I did earn an orange belt.

21. My first word was “taxi.”

22. I occasionally wake up to find myself making out with my pillow.

23. I once stole a cardboard Britney Spears cut-out from a Mc Donalds.

24. Donald Sutherland is the scariest man I have ever met.

This is the least scary image I could find of him.

25. I drove across the country once, and I highly recommend it.

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