Pretty Bird

I have a little call when I want to get Beth's attention.
Like most things I do, I stole it from The Three Amigo's.

"HAAAAY YOOOO! HAY YOO! LOOKUPEER! LOOKUPEER!" This is pretty much all I yell at the highest pitch possible, and I tend to do it on a daily basis.

Recently I ran into trouble however when I saw Beth walking across campus. Noticing the blue sweater that she often wears, I began calling out. "Haay Yooo! Haaay YOOOO!"
Sadly, she did not turn her head. But with myself not being one to get turned down easily, I continued yelling.
"LOOKUPEEER! LOOKUPEER! HAY YOOOO!" Still, she did not turn towards my direction. Again, I screamed louder "HAAAAY YOOOO!! HAY YOO!! LOOKUPEER!!!"
Finally she turned my way.

It was then that I realized that it was not Beth.

The girl stared at me briefly with an expression of both concern and fear.
Briefly I considered turning towards a different direction and continuing my bird calls as if it was someone else I were addressing, or perhaps feigning mental illness.
Yet I froze in place with an unparalleled look of confusion.

Then we parted ways.

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hans said...

Me reading this post: Hahahaha... Hahahhahaaha.. haha. *silent chuckle* (laughing with you here, not at).