Day by Day - Rainy Day Week

Day By Day - Stay Inside Week (Chimes Article 2/18/08)

If one word could describe the La Mirada area over the past week, that word would be "rainy," followed closely by the words "polluted" and "infested with rodents." But since the rain has been coming down especially hard this week it's time to look at all of the adventures to be had indoors.

Day One - Make a Blanket Fort

No rainy day is complete without an extravagant blanket fort. Make sure to cover the majority of your dorm room, living room, and/or bathroom with sheets and pillows. No pillow fort is complete without some level of exclusivity. Place a handwritten sign in crayon prohibiting the presence of individuals of the opposite gender from entering. Mine just says "No girls club," with various letters depicted in reverse.

Day Two - Recreate the Cat In the Hat

Many may not consider Dr. Seuss to be much of a realist, but I consider that a challenge. Much in the same way that mischievous anthropomorphic cat showed up on a rainy day, make your own kind of mischief on your own! For this challenge I dressed my cat Stiggy and forced him to balance our fishbowl, umbrella, and birthday cake all at the same time. Although he might have to go to the vet now, the important thing is that I was entertained for a brief period of time.

Day Three - Jump In Puddles

On this day throw on some rain-boots and go splashing out in the street by jumping into any puddle you find. Bonus points if you happen to jump in a puddle with someone standing nearby. Take those complaints as compliments while you stomp your heart away.

Day Four - Try To Fix Your Umbrella

For some reason the umbrella keeps opening inside out. On this day spend a solid six hours trying to fix it before finally giving up when you realize it has stopped raining anyway.

Day Five - Stare Longingly Out the Window

Nothing encompasses the feeling of a rainy day like staring longingly out the window whilst droplets of water cascade across the thin sheet of glass separating you from the one you love somewhere out there in this cold, unforgiving world. Try to hold your head in your hands as a single tear rolls down your cheek and lands alone on the window frame, serving as a profound reminder of your own loneliness in this barren emotional landscape.

Day Six - Bake Cookies

Because why not? It's rainy out. That's reason enough to bake cookies. It's also reason enough when it's not rainy at all outside, but at least today you can use the weather as some kind of reason and enjoy it. Savor that scrumptious treat as the rain tortures all those unfortunate souls caught out in the open. It's a beautiful thing.

Day Seven - Throw Cards Into a Hat

Nothing truly encompasses wasting time like throwing cards into a hat, except perhaps playing World Of Warcraft. This activity serves as the ideal time-waster when it's rainy out and want to use that as an excuse to do something of no importance whatsoever. Cherish it.

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