How To Start (and End) A Bar Fight

Recently I came across this charming little music video directed By Akiva of Lonely Island fame:

But look at 2:50 on the time line.

That got me thinking, how exactly does someone break a bottle over another individuals head? It just looks so beautiful. So majestic. So very angry and unnecessary.
Nothing punctuates a statement in a more profound way than a broken bottle. It is an image that encapsulates our entire American ideology. It says, "You better step off before I cut you fool!" And it backs up that statement with a sharp piece of glass left in a clenched fist. It is an action that every man dreams of, but I am certain was only actually done once or twice under the correct circumstances.
How exactly can this action be performed in real-life, in front of a camera and behind it?

The answer is actually quite complicated.

If you wanted to make your own "easy to break" (and relatively safe) beer bottle, you would have to use what is referred to as sugar glass. It's actually manageable to make:

But there are some problems with this. While sugar glass is great for broken windows, the process needed to mold that sugar into a beer bottle shape requires silicone and foam, as this one instruction guide illustrates:


There's a lot to read there, so to summarize let me say that the whole process appears to be time consuming.

Let's face the facts, if I want to break a bottle I want to break that bottle immediately.
If only there were a couple southern college kids out there that had concocted some kind of process for this... Oh hey:

How To Break A Beer Bottle On Your Head. - More bloopers are a click away

As this young man demonstrates on his friend Brad's head, it is quite easy to break an actual beer bottle over someone's head after you are considerate enough to break open the bottom of the bottle. To be honest, that method is somewhat ingenious. And when i say somewhat, I mean it's both brilliant and retarded at the same time. I like that combination, especially after seeing what happens when you do it wrong:

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