LOST! (I Finally Get What The Numbers Mean)

I love LOST. It's so amazing, it's unbelievable. I love Lost so much I even record the commercials for Lost. I watch them during commercial breaks for other less important shows, like the news. That thirty second music video they played last night? The one where they play footage of Jack over the song "Doctor Doctor?" That was the best F*#@ing piece of television I've seen in twenty one years of marriage. And I'm only twenty years old and not married. LOST is THAT good. If I was on LOST I'd be the Polar Bear, because the show is so good I'd be shot instantly by Sawyer if I entered the LOST universe. That, or Charlie because LOST is like crack to me. If I could stuff bags of LOST into Virgin Mary statues, I would. I don't care what Locke would say, I would HOARD those statues like no other. Then Locke would spray a flaming can of hairspray into my face because he's such a badass. Man I love LOST. Kate is to Jack as I am to LOST.

What's that? You don't watch LOST? Hahaha. That's a good one. But hypothetically, if you didn't, you could be caught up.

Here is each season of LOST summarized in one line of dialog:


Esther said...

Hahah. That's perfect.
You know, I never watched the first season of Lost, and I never feel like I missed out . . . and yet, every time I watch, I feel so lucky to have watched the whole of the second and third seasons. . . this helps you realized that every other show has about 30 seconds to a minute worth of material that is important to the overall plot and the rest is just hype. oh well . . . I still love it . . . and hate it, but mostly like it.

Chris Himes- Web Producer/Flash Developer said...

love this sooo much