Me Vs. Josh Groban Round I

Sorry if you happen to live in the same city as I do, but let's face it. DC sucks. It sucks more than anything I can think of. Even more than Mr. Darcy. It especially sucks after being in California for the weekend. I just arrived back in town today. To understand how I feel about being back let me say I'd be more thrilled if my plane accidentally went back in time, crash landed last Sunday during the superbowl, and the rip in the space time continuum forced me to play the same game of football for the rest of my life. Let me elaborate further by saying I don't do sports.
Facts are facts, DC sucks no matter what. Don't even try to argue.

Last night was the AARP Movie's For Grownups Awards, which was my "official" reason for the trip. I grabbed a couple sound bites for AARP radio. It was great fun. Most importantly it was a good chance for me to rub elbows with a bunch of celebrities, until they ask me to stop and punch me in the face (Juli Andrews and I go WAY back).

Yeah, there were a lot of famous people, but mostly it was just people that looked like they could be famous, maybe.

The good news is that apparently I might fall underneath that category.

I was wandering by the bar (grabbing a coke) when this blonde-haired girl suddenly leaned toward me and said "Josh Groban?!"
In a confused stupor replied, "I'm sorry?"
"Oh," she said, upon closer inspection, "I thought you were someone else..."
Now, maybe there's more than one Josh Groban, or maybe I misheard and she said something like "Josh Corbin." But for the sake of the story (and my ego) I prefer to think she actually mistook me for the singer/songwriter Josh Groban of Oprah fame.

Here's a little side by side comparison for you:

Josh Groban

Yours Truly


The Hotness

Mc Dreamy

Mc Dreamy-er


Too Hot to Handle

Wow. Looks like a dead ringer to me. I don't even know which one is which! Who's the REAL Zack and who's the Android?!
Only an empathy test can tell...

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