Good Day to Post Online Videos

Ladies and gentlemen, behold.
Cat riding a Roomba.

Stick a cone onto that baby and we'll be working with gold.
Liquid gold, I say.

You think that's all for today. No. No, my friends. We still have these charming young folks who combine bike riding with guitar hero. Although I can't watch it with sound (I'm actually in the middle of "computer science class" right now) I'm rather certain this is uber-epic.

Well that's it.

That's all the best videos on the internet.
I suppose you should just turn off your computer now, pull the plug, pick it up, and drop it into a trash can.
I just can't imagine anything topping that.

Yep, we must be done heeerrrrrrrreOH MY GOSH THAT MONKEY'S RIDING A SEGWAY!!!

Japan you've done it again.

1 comment:

Beth said...

wow. monkeys on segways. that's how it will end.