The World's Largest (uber) Christmas Gift Exchange Ever!

It's that time of the year again.
The time of the year when we get together and make the World's Largest (uber) Christmas Gift Exchange Ever.

What you need to do right now is sign up on the Elfster page HERE.
Then get your friends to join.
Then you need to send out that gift you have so desperately wanted to give.

I know you don't like rules, but here's how it's supposed to work:

Join the Elfster Exchange.

(If Elfster confounds you, just post your e-mail as a message or send it to me, I'll set you up pronto.)

Just make sure you sign up before December 15th!

You will be assigned a secret partner for whom you have to make or get a crazy gift.

*Now, the limit is 5 bucks, but seriously though, the gift can be anything, from a card, some random junk you found underneath your fridge, to whatever pet you have close to you.

THEN: Send it to your partner by Christmas.
- (so try not to make it too heavy or too big!)

THEN: You open the box.

And Finally: You Have A Merry Christmas!!

Don't send anything you wouldn't want to receive.
Anthrax, for example, is a bad idea. So are bombs. Perishables as well. If you think of a bad idea, just don't do it.
Basically, you are responsible for the gift you give and the gift you receive (or don't receive), not me. And no take backs. I trust that there are many good Santa's out there and hope none of this will be a problem.

(do what I did and write it your forehead in reverse)

And if you really want to be the best secret Santa ever, send them the link to the Elfster page too!

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