I Want To Snuggie With You

Just take it all in.

Man, life is tough. It's cold, it's busy, and if I want to use a blanket I have to go through the trouble of reaching my arms outside of the blanket.
It's a sick world we live in.
But suddenly a hole in my life was filled when I saw the infomercial for Snuggies, "the blanket with arms!"

Some might question why we need this invention, or how exactly it's different from a shawl/mumu combination. The answer? This one can help you take part in such incredible activities as:

"Use the Remote"
"Read a book"
"Enjoy a snack"
or apparently play backgammon with your girlfriend.

Amazing. I used to be helpless in my blanket, incapable of finding my arms in the midst of the sea of fabric. But now that I've discovered a blanket with holes, it's as though I'm seeing music for the very first time.

They also take the liberty to inform us near the end that it's "great for college." I'd say. If there are two things my roommates hate, it's not being able to hold the remote while encased in a blanket and looking ridiculous. Thankfully, the Snuggie takes care of both of these problems by dressing us like Buddhist monks.

Now if I could only combine it with the Hoveround...


Matt said...

I put my bathrobe on backwards, but it just wasn't the same as a snuggie.

Beth said...

it's a cult.