Posting More Frequently

I need to make more posts.

The LACMA apparently had a dead unicorn on exhibit a few days ago.
Sad. But beautiful, no?

Meanwhile, in Japan, more train-stations are hiring animals to be station masters.
such as this pup below:

and this scary looking stray cat:

In related news, the new cat at my apartment is quite adorable.
Anthony and Jon named him "Stiggy" after the Top Gear character "The Stig."

The sad news is that I'm horribly allergic to the Stig. I'm not entirely sure why, because my previous weekend spent with two dogs and three cats left me right as rain. In the meantime it's probably best if I keep myself from petting our new furry roommate, and I don't mean Micah. It's a tough situation for me considering how much I love furry animals. So I might need to buy handcuffs and chain myself to the bathroom sink, you know, for my own protection.
I made the mistake last night of giving Stiggy some petting and pretty much felt as though I was dying. A woman at Stater-Bros looked at my tearing-red eyes and seemed genuinely concerned for my health.
I'll manage.


Beth said...

maybe the problem is the proportion of animals to people in your apartment. there are just simply too many humans over there. i propose that you either get rid of a few roommates or throw a few more cats into the mix. it can't fail.

Zack Newcott said...

I like the way you think.
I'm adopting Chinchilla's.
15 of them.