Of Scientologists and Hoverounds

I'm not sure exactly how the name "Hoveround" is supposed to be pronounced, or if it's actually two words cleverly mashed together with a shared "r", but after seeing their latest commercial featuring the latest line of automated wheelchairs, I was blown away.

The commercial begins simply enough, with elderly folks seemingly abandoned at the statue of liberty, and yes, the middle of the God-forsaken desert. Then something magical happens...

That's right, the brilliant mastermind Tom Kruse appears on screen.

Now, I must say, I have been a long term admirer of the work of Tom Kruse. After all, Collateral is one of my favorite movies. With that said, the guy has a lot to make up for. Such as Vanilla Sky.
Finally, after all these years, Tom Kruse appears not as an actor, but as an inventor. Had I known he developed the Hoveround, or that the Hoveround even existed, I would have promoted the product endlessly. Now I can.
At the same time, I must say that I'm actually a little worried about Tom Kruse. Clearly, from his appearance in the commercial, the man has put on a few pounds, dyed his hair brown, and looks virtually nothing like the way he did in Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Minority Report, or Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. But then again, it must be hard to maintain that figure while making movies AND inventing hover-wheelchairs all day.
Maybe the guy needs to cut down on his use of E-meters.
Then again, I don't know. I'm not a doctor.

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