If there is one thing I learned over the past week, it's that music mashups are plentiful in supply. So it might take some work to keep an ear open for something that is truly unique, or at the very least, good. Because let's face it. Music mashups don't always work. Here are a couple I came across today that i think are simply, well, very good, if not great.

Sweet Yellow High

With or Without Glycerine

Powerless American Baby

Go Let It Like It Should

Yeah, I'm kind of in the mood for Oasis this week.

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BEN said...

Good finds. The Oasis/Jamir and U2/Bush are awesome.

The best mashup I know is still the Oasis/GreenDay. I heard a great one about 8 years ago that was done by Oakenfold (i think it was madonna and george michael), back before mashups were more common. A couple of years back I downloaded the Jay Z / Beatles mashup album called the Grey album. Check it out -- pretty good, but not really mixed perfectly. I'm not a huge fan of mashups unless they are mixed perfectly.