New Music Thursday, A Recap, Cooking, Playing Chess, Painting, and Exercising

Hold on a second. Did anybody actually watch that "Painting while Blending and Running" video down there? I mean, did you REALLY watch it? I watched the whole thing today and seriously couldn't stop laughing.
It inspired me to do a quick recap.
1. I went to another screening of Cloverfield last night, and yes, it was even better the second time. Although this theater was a tad smaller than the one I saw it in the night before, it was still amazing. So make sure you see it in the best theater possible (preferably the largest and with the loudest sound system available). It's seriously worth every cent for a ticket. Or you could help my brother out and get yourself a ticket for free: http://www.simpleflix.com/ (mwahaha). Seriously. Best movie ever.
2. Mr Darcy still stinks.
3. There's a new song at the bottom of the page. I recorded it right after the retreat so it's full of voice-cracking amazingness, and I was too lazy to clean it up, but hey, maybe the next one will be better.
4. MASSIVE snowflakes are flying past my office window right now and it is dizzyingly awesome. I'm just going to say that you have classes/work canceled for tonight.
5. Right now I'm listening to Your Song by Kate Nash. Excellent. (you can right click that one to download it)

So here's the real meat of this post. I want to give you a quick recap of everything in the video below as I see it.

Okay, so there's this bald guy right, and he's running on this treadmill while stroking a canvas with his paintbrush. Yeah he seems really excited. Wait. What's that? Oh, okay, it looks like someone off screen is also giving me a thumbs up. Who just said that? Oh, okay, it appears to be a mildly retarded Asian. Oh, it looks like he's making an egg sandwhich. WHOOPS. I guess that egg sandwhich was a mistake. Yeah, go Eddy. Go Eddy. Eddy seems pretty confident that he's gonna win. Alright. John is talking to himself saying that maybe they're doing too many things, but he appears to forget this the second Eddy starts bragging about his chess skills.
Hold on a second. This guy, Eddy, is bragging that he's winning a chess match against a guy who is literally cooking, painting, and exercising? Isn't that a little one sided dude? And what kind of dissonance is running through John's brain right now? He's playing against someone who very clearly appears to be mentally challenged, is that right? Wow. Running, cooking, painting, playing chess, and confronting a mental conflict. This show is INTENSE. Oh, it looks like they're taking phone calls too. This list is getting long.
Whoa. At 6:00 on the timeline he takes a bite of the egg sandwich with incredible results. THIS GUY IS HARDCORE. Sorry John, better luck next time.
6:15 they've got a CALLER! Who is it? Oh they seem interested in cooking! Oh, no. No wait. It's just another wiener joke. Sorry John. I am so sorry.

Does anyone else see something strangely Kafkaesque about these videos? The existential dilemma is based around the idea that man is thrown into an absurd world he cannot understand. What is more absurd or confusing than running, cooking, painting, playing chess, and taking callers all at the same time? Yes, I think I did learn something from public access television. And that is the fact that wiener jokes are ALWAYS funny.

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