Well done. Well done indeed.

I believe a congratulations is in order. Apparently I have clicked my own link enough times to boost the visits to this blog at an even 1,000. It took forever, but I finally did it, and who knows how I'll celebrate? Maybe click the link a few more times for good measure? Yes. Yes that sounds excellent.

The word 1000 got me thinking about the T-1000, which was a robot, which logically reminded me of the "walking chair" I saw earlier today:
Walking Chair Link

I'd post a picture of it here, but apparently the people smart enough to make a walking robot chair aren't smart enough to make downloadable pictures of a walking robot chair. So in case you're unable to use that link (I suggest using a robot-mouse) then I hope you can mentally combine these two images below:



Yeah, pretty awesome, right?
I was so inspired that I decided to make my own robot chair:

Chair Robot 1000

Impressive stuff right? I don't mean to brag, but my robot chair has a central processor composed of nothing but a Lite-Brite... and another shotgun.
Also, mine has the added ability of functioning as a chair, a function which the walking chair ironically lacks.

Did I mention you can't actually "sit" on the walking chair? That's the best part. It is a robot, something entirely unnecessary and expensive, disguised as a chair, something entirely useful and cheap. The makers were smart enough to invent something cool-looking and entirely useless.
I hope to someday have a house filled to the brim with nothing but unusable moving furniture.
I can see it now. I'll come down the stairs in the morning and see my couch outside, mindlessly shoving itself into a fence. Meanwhile, all my kitchen stools trip over each other and violently thrash at the linoleum floor. My bookshelf will barely be capable of moving underneath it's weight, yet will sadly attempt to edge itself through my front door and make a break for freedom. Not this time Bookshelf. You're all mine.

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Zack Newcott said...

You know what I was suddenly reminded of? That episode of Batman where somebody makes a robot duplicate of him. I think there was a robot ashtray somewhere in there.