Hey! I've been meaning to post, but I got distracted by "stumble upon" and haven't done much else, online that is, in several days. Honestly though, making snowflakes is my new hobby. Although, to be honest, I can't help but feel as though all the links I'm coming across have been recycled to all my other friends.
Although, that might not be a bad thing.

Other than that though I've been doing a whole lot. Yesterday I was on my buddies radio program on-campus at Biola, the "Birdy and Fergy Hour," and had the chance to severely embarrass myself. The podcast for my episode isn't up yet, and you especially are definitely better off not hearing it. Although I failed to do the subject matter any justice (the topic was dating), I did however get some amazing frozen yogurt afterwards and had an amazing time doing it.
I've never quite understood why practically every girl I've ever met enjoys frozen yogurt so much, but I definitely approve of it above most other things:

(Horrible Sweaters About D-Bags Named Mr. Darcy)

To be brutally honest though, I actually have no idea if there is any difference between Frozen Yogurt and Soft Served Ice Cream. I would appreciate it if anyone could clear this up, but I'll probably continue just to ignore the intricacies of the whole debate and just get gummi-bear toppings and remain blissfully ignorant.

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