What Is THIS, And Why Did I Watch It?


Easy. Because it has a monkey playing the drums and lots of sound effects.
The harder question is why we don't have stuff like this here in the good Eau-Ess-of Ey. Somebody needs to shove that monkey in an envelope and send him state-side, because he's all I ever wanted.

But what of this?

This is what people watch in Japan. There are people out there, who have really looked forward to seeing how many shoulders a cat in a rediculous uniform can cross. And today I have discovered that I am one of them.
What I have also discovered is that there are probably also television producers, and writers, who sit in a finely furnished office brandishing their daytime television awards exchanging ideas on what crazy thing they can do with cats next.

Well, a youtube search for "crazy japanese cat" came up with this, and believe me, I'm am going to try it:

SO I'm sure you're probably asking yourself, what was the point of this post? Good question my friend. I hope you like this ironic turn of events, because there is no point. In fact, I have no idea why you watched this. But I bet you enjoyed it. Am I right? Come on, I'm right.

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