Home Alone for the Weekend

Yep the parents are gone for the weekend, so it's just me to hold the fort down. Ladies.

In case you wonder what my life is like alone, the reality is much more sad than you think.

Here is a list of things I do when at home by myself:

1. Intermittently say "hello?" Out loud. Just so that in the case there's a robber in the house they have to acknowledge my presence.

2. Talk to my cat and pretend that not only she understands, but can silently respond.

3. Wonder to myself what I would do if there were an odorless gas leak inside the house.

4. Loudly sing out in an opera voice whatever mindless task I am currently performing. "Typing on the keyboard la,le,la,le,la!"

5. Wonder how I'm going to explain that mess.

6. Just be really glad it wasn't flammable.

Really I guess it's not all that much interesting. Sometimes I wish I was one of those crazy party animals from one of those teen comedies, who manages to have a party so wild that the whole house burns down but luckily is replaced right before my parents come back by all my friends who heartwarmingly decide to help me out last minute because we had all learned a really important lesson over those past couple days and also managed to lose our virginities as well, which in the end is all that really matters.
Actually I'm really glad my life is nothing like that.
"Isn't that right Furball?"
"You can say that again!"

Here's more music by Eef Barzelay
Eef Barzelay - the Sound of German Hip hop

You're Not As Weird - Clem Snide

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