Let me say that the club scene really isn't me. In fact, I tend to do just about anything in my power to avoid tight, hot, spaces, filled with noisy and frantic people. The prospect alone of such a situation deserves an emotion I usually reserve only for crickets, and that emotion is a mixture of both fear and anger.

So let me express my surprise when I say that I went to a club last night on Hollywood Blvd, and actually had an amazing time. The place was called club "Bang!" A name which my roommates and I were practically forced to make fun of without remorse. Honestly though, it was a seriously fun time.

I had never been to a club before, so I was looking forward to the chance of seeing a DJ in action. And although I couldn't actually "see" him do his thing while he was separated up in his Plexiglas tower, it definitely put me in the mood for some new music mash-ups.

This one is real good. REAL good.

Killers Vs. Muse

Arctic Monkeys vs. Afrika Bambaata

Oasis Vs. Blackstreet

The Killers Vs. Fatboy Slim

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