In California

Everything is amazing. I had the best lasagna last night, and the best gelato ice-cream ever.

Did you know gelato is so dense because it has 35% less air than regular ice-cream?! Well it does.

We went to this killer place in Hollywood, but our real adventure was on the way back when we became slightly lost and ended up in places of town that I'm pretty sure don't exist when it's light out.

On a completely unrelated note, here is the best website ever. It's the ultimate Lego arms dealer site, and not the usual kind of yellow plastic arms, I mean guns. Huge guns. And they sell lots of them: http://brickarms.com/

But bad news for all you sick Lego war re-enactors, all the white bandit terrorist figures have sold out. Apparently there were enough people out there who saw it fit to invest ten solid dollars into these.

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