Rocket Science - Review Part Deux with music (and a poem)

Rocket Science

Yeah, I already reviewed Rocket Science. So what? Big deal? Want to fight about it? Didn't think so. Thing is, I watched it again last night and I really must say, it really was one of the best movies of the year. I'm saying that a lot nowadays, but it really is a beautiful movie. In my review I gave it some guff for being a tad too much like Rushmore/Tennenbaums/Every Wes Anderson movie ever made (and I'll still stick by that). To be honest though, I would say that works perfectly for it. In a film all about finding your own voice, it manages to crawl out from the burden of being placed under anyone else's shadow and truely manages to say something all it's own. If you haven't seen it already, please do.

And if you haven't listened to the soundtrack, you should, because I have links. Tasty links.

Fight Song Melodies

Love The Unknown

here's a completely unrelated poem I wrote today.


Sometimes, I place both my hands at my side,
with my left hand low and my right hand high,
and I slowly slide my fingers along
in such a way that they can barely touch.
Then, with a quiet twitch, I have one hand
slip between the other, so my fingers
can weave themselves together in a knot.
All this must be done while I look away
It makes it easier to imagine
that one of those hands is really not mine.
But it never works. At least, not really.
I always come to, look around my class,
and down at my hands, folded in my lap,
and I remember how much I miss you,
all the loneliness of the passing time,
and the simple fear that you may forget.
But fear is made to be misunderstood,
and what can be seen as anxiety,
can really, and truely, be excitement
for the day that I can see you again.

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