Mashups, Star Wars, Cake, and LOL Cats

I have a theory. Eventually, if we continue making insanely good mash-ups, at this rate we'll end up combining all the best songs in existence into one super-amazing-mindblowingly-awesome song. It's going to happen. I'm certain of it. Especially after listening to all the great mashup's posted over at partyben.com

This Mashup of Cake and Gorillaz is simply perfect in it's execution. Download it. Now.

Gorilla Cake - Never Feel Good .mp3

Or check out this beautiful (and clever) mashup of Greenday, Oasis, Aerosmith, Eminem and something else I can't quite put my finger on. It's a blissful audio quilt woven from the strands of so many varying musical styles. Notice how at a certain point you can no longer identify which vocals belong to which musical riffs. Very well done.

Boulevard of Broken Songs .mp3

Just as clever, if not a little overplayed, here's a mashup of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars with the Police's Every Step You Take.

Every Car You Chase .mp3

And, there's also this one. What I'd refer to as an interesting experiment combining Chemical Brothers with, um, John Williams from Star Wars...
Galvanize the Empire

Huh. You know. I like it.
Now if only I could get someone to mashup "Zack Newcott and the Chemical Cow" with the themesong from Jurassic Park. THEN we'd be working with something.

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Anonymous said...

The song you are trying to put your finger on is "Writing to Reach You" by Travis.