for not posting constantly. I just finished a six page paper and now want to pass-out.
The report was on Dream of the Red Chamber, a novel from 16th century China.
I know what you're saying out loud right now. "Zack. Come on man, just watch the movie."
I did.
It was this:

Tell me about it, it's like they're speaking a different language or something.
Also, one of those chicks is actually a dude, I think. After a while I can't tell. I don't want to tell. I just want it to be over.

So after talking it over, I took the initiative to instead write my paper on only "cool" Chinese things. Like ninjas, pandas, and the 1998 Disney film Mulan.
Which coincidentally also deals with Chinese men looking like women.

So I think I'm in good shape.

Can you believe Mulan came out ten years ago?

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