A Breathtaking Work of Crap

So last night I had art class. We were supposed to be going over our giant self-portraits, but for the first half we had to do a quick colored pencil sketch of a live model.
I'm not really used to the pencils, so I instead decided to zoom in a bit on the drawing instead of just doing the whole figure, which I assumed was what we're supposed to do. So the whole time I was kind of anxious, especially when my art teacher started making the rounds.
Eventually she stood behind me as I nervously continued to work.
but then something miraculous happened.
The teacher came over to me, stood over my shoulder and said, "This is breathtaking."
Confused, and somewhat in shock, I replied "Thank you."
Completely serious, she said, "I want you to stand back and look at what you're doing."
So I did. And I admit, I thought it was nice.
It was then that my teacher gave me the best artistic advice I have ever heard.
"Now Don't Crap It Up."

And I was appropriately nervous again.

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