Just watched Lost tonight.
Delicious, delicious, smoke monster.

And I also got Cloverfield... on DeeVeeDee!!!
It's officially inside my home. The best movie ever.

I'm really not sure what else to post here, so I'm going to post music.

Here is a simply amazing cover by one of my most favorite artists, Greg Laswell. This guy essentially wrote the soundtrack to my summer last year, and now that the summer is coming back after so very, very, long, it seems only appropriate he returns with the best version I've ever heard of Girls Just Want to Have Fun.


Here's a real cool remix of U2's ONE, with Groove Armada (who I've never heard of). And it works.

U2 vs. Groove Armada - DJ Riko

I spent some time after my California adventure listening to Grizzly Bear, and while I thought they were great, it just didn't seem to stick with me.
Maybe this remix with Jay-z from the kind folks at Team 9 & Stereogum changes things...

Jay-Z vs. Grizzly Bear - Team 9 & Stereogum

Okay, just forget everything I've typed so far. Here is my favorite cover.
It's of Where is My Mind (originally by the Pixies) this time by Emily The Great.

Where Is My Mind - Emily The Great

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Anonymous said...

Please don't link directly to the songs I post on my blog. Please link to either the main page of the blog or the specific post containing the song you like.

Thank you,
Steve McI