Lavender Fields Forever

I was in French class tonight, and, once again, I found myself zoning out on this one particular image.

On the one hand, it got me interested in my French book. On the other hand it proved to me how incompetent I am with French. (I realized this once I realized I couldn't understand the caption.)

Luckily for me, the internet had the answer.
It's a field of Lavender.

Here are more of them I found off Flickr.

I'm not sure what is so satisfying to me about images of lavender fields, but I want more.

Uuaah, yeah, that's the stuff. MOAR!

I think what I like about these images is that this how I imagine they make Koosh Balls.

Or what i think a field of purple hedgehogs would look like.


This train of thought only made me zone out more during my French class, and throughout the rest of the night. By that time I was a lost cause. Before I knew it, I ended up thinking about who I usually do and found myself lost in the haze of purple lavender so thick all I could see was the end of the semester.
Which surprisingly is really, really close.
I should study.

By the way, I had another "deep" thought occur to me while eating lunch again. It said:

A smart man can answer to anyone,
but it takes a wise man to ask the question.

It's probably all the Confucianism I had to study.


Beth said...

yeah, i spaced out for about half an hour yesterday thinking of similar things, corn fields and such, so i know where you're coming from.

yohan said...

i love lavender ^^ keep blogging bro :D

Heather said...

There is something unbelievably magical about those images. I actually found your blog because I was Googling "lavender fields" after I came across an image of one online. Surreal. Surprising. Makes me want to lay my head down and cry. Can you imagine the overpowering scent coming off of those babies?