New Song Saturday - Bombshell

One thing I've been doing lately is a lot of Call of Duty 4.
If you've never played it, please do.
There's a lot of great things about video-games these days. Specifically the realism. For example, Bioshock gave players the ability to really become involved in what felt like a living and breathing city. Assassins Creed realistically re-created sprawling ancient civilizations. But what Call of Duty 4 provides is far better than all of those.
It lets you experience a nuclear blast from the perspective of a victim within the blast.
And as disturbing or distasteful as that sounds, it is AWESOME.
It's basically the best scenes from Terminator 2:

Except you get to play it, and feel your rumbling heart as it slowly fades away in excruciating agony.
In fact, it's pretty much exactly what my roommates and I have dreamed about for years.

So this week I wrote a little ditty about it.

Bombshell - Zack Newcott and the Chemical Cow

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Beth said...

yay Bomshell.also, i'm a big fan of Ralph Wiggum.