All The Time In The World

Leaning ourselves against the edge of the pool, we calmingly sipped our lemonade while letting our legs float freely behind us. It was well into the afternoon and Anthony and I decided it the day was too perfect to not take a swim.
After a few minutes we both realized neither of us had said a single thing.
"We desperately need jobs," Anthony said, breaking the silence.
I nodded, "Yes. Yes we do."
We continued to sip.

With no job on my hands, I took the time between handing out resumes and pool swims to write a little short story. This one's a science fiction one, so it might be a tad strange. I'm still tinkering with it, but since I had nothing else to post for today, why not?

The only downside for you is that the format is kind of important. I couldn't just cut and paste it, also my PDF converter was angry at my computer and refused to work, so you'll have to clicky below.

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