Moving In

Well, it took a couple days, but we're in our new place. Although the move did involve a tense refrigerator transfer up three flights of stairs and a quick trip to the Emergency Room yesterday, we did manage to sleep on our mattresses last night.

The Emergency Room trip was because our roommate Norm, whom we now are going back to calling Anthony again, accidentally cut himself while removing a zip-tie from a new batch of knives.
How ironic, I thought, as he bled profusely. He was cut by a knife while trying to cut knives free. It's a strange mixed up world we live in.

We started driving to the ER, but my TomTom GPS system apparently is programmed to send us to Hospitals that only existed ten years ago.
After arriving at an Ihop in the middle of nowhere, we had the good fortune of getting a call from Anthony/Norm's girlfriend who apparently knows the location for every hospital on the West Coast.

Eventually all four of us, Anthony, Micah, Sarah, and myself all ended up in the ER waiting room where it appears nurses just make you sit long enough until your body naturally heals itself.
In this time Anthony completed the paperwork. He made sure to write in "Atheist" under religious preferences so as to get, in his words, a "real doctor" rather than just a priest. We considered writing "Nihilist" instead, but realized that would result in a nurse bringing Anthony out to a back alley and shooting him.

Maybe if we had gone with existentialism we could have all received treatment for our shared pain. I don't know. I'm not a doctor.

P.S. there's no internet at the new place yet, so bloggings may be sparse.

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Bradley Clarke said...

one thing i learned from reading this entry: never read a humor blog late at night. i very nearly woke my sleeping family with my laughter.