Arby's and the Great Big Universe

Tonight I tried taking my parents to the Griffith Observatory, but by the time we made to to the 5 Highway we realized it wasn't meant to be and instead decided to go to Arby's.
In turn we decided this:


was MORE worth our time than this:

The Universe

And I stand by that choice.

We did, after all, get turnovers. On what other planet can YOU get turnovers?
That's right, none. Because moons don't count.

I spent this morning trying to search for jobs online while my roommates watched House episodes online, which eventually turned into me just watching House episodes without job searching. It was wonderful. Also a little frustrating because they kept watching after I left and now I'm behind.
But get this. Right after I left the apartment, when I got into my car, the House theme song was playing on the radio.
It was destiny.

Also a baby bird landed on Anthony's shoe today while we were outside. He tried shaking it off, but it held on tight and squawked repeatedly at him. Eventually it got bored and fluttered away.

I also had numerous dreams last night where I was fighting zombies.

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