More Japanese Craziness and Cute Panda's

While on the job prowl I've taken the time to tend to much dire personal needs. Such as tracking down adorable video's of Red Panda's.

Awwww man is that adorable.

Oh my gosh. I want one.

I always though nature was supposed to be cruel and unforgiving. How the crap did these fluffy creatures come to be? Is this some evolutionary adaptation to the environment, in which Red Panda's have mutated so far as to render their opponents paralyzed in the presence of such an adorable and cuddle-friendly fiend? Perhaps nature truly is cruel, considering that I can't hold a Red Panda right now.

In other news, Japan has blown my mind by introducing an ice-cream flavor which goes beyond the definition of "abomination."


Yes, that may look like a regular ice-cream cone, but don't be a fool.
Remember. This is Japan we're talking about. The land of bathroom "noise makers," such as THIS, the invention seriously referred to as the "Magical Water Princess."

Yeah, I could write a whole book about that one, but let's get back to that ice-cream I was talking about.
It looks normal.
It looks tasty.
In our land, the land of Pink Berry, Golden Spoon, and Yogurt Land, soft serve ice-cream has found a delightful place within our hearts. It is a symbol which encompasses our childhood summer day's, as we lazily licked the melting drips of dairy.

But now Japan has gone ahead and blown us all away.

This, my friend, is Salmon flavored ice-cream.
It's made with powdered Salmon.

Yeah, I just threw up all over my keyboard.
But the good news is that the Japanese are probably making that into an ice-cream flavor as well. I think it's called "Magical Vomit Princess Squid Heart Power Star" flavor.
And it's only a matter of time until it hits the states.


Pokemon Games said...

Hey those panda things are directly bred from some Pokemon game, aren't they.

Zack Newcott said...

That and Animal Crossing, I think I was friends with one in that game until I got tired of pulling weeds and he moved away. Fickle creatures. Adorable and fickle creatures.