So I'm watching Escape From New York because we have cable now and I don't have anything better to do on a Friday night but watch Escape From New York alone in my apartment, and I took notice of this one part where a group of scientists slap a wristwatch onto Kurt Russell. It seems normal, except this particular wristwatch is counting down from 22 hours, at which point Kurt Russells head will explode or something. I don't know, I'm actually watching the movie right now.

What I realized though, is that I WANT a countdown wristwatch. It doesn't have to be for anything in particular, maybe even just dinner or bedtime. The important thing is that it would look important, maybe even give the rest of my day a sense of urgency. The check-out clerk at the dollar store across the street would look at my wrist and say, "I better get all these discounted dragon canes and cacti rung up before this guy's head explodes." And I'd be there with an eye-patch and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and say, "Don't f%$# with me I have to find the president and I have to find him NOW!"

Hey. Check this out.

This is Kurt Russell in Escape From New York as the character "SNAKE."

And this is Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

See any similarities?
If you were watching it you'd definitely hear a similarity in their tone of voices.

Check this out.
In Metal Gear Solid 2, Snake hides his identity by calling himself Plisken.

In Escape From New York, Kurt Russell's character has the full name of "Snake Plissken."

Yeah. I know. You should've been wearing a wristwatch because I just made your head explode.


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