Inner Child

So I walked into the Hospital yesterday with my parents to visit my brother's new baby but we had to first be allowed inside by security.
The security in this case was a slightly old lady at a desk.
My father quickly told her our names and who we were visiting and she gave us the go ahead, but before doing so she quickly looked at me and said "Hold on." The old lady then turned to a group of nurses behind her and asked "What are the current visiting hours for children?"

It took me a couple seconds to realize she was talking about me.

Now, I know I may not be the most mature guy on the planet. After all, just the word titmouse makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. But I couldn't help but question this entire scenario.

1. Why is the person in charge of security asking for the visitation hours?

2. If she doesn't know the protocol for children, what about the protocol for baby-taking?

3. How could I use this to my advantage/can I take a baby?

4. Why would this same individual consider a guy, aka myself, a twenty year old sporting a minor goatee and long hair, to be a child?

I guess this means I should stop carrying a blanket and my big red firetruck toy.

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Beth said...

this is something that would happen to me. i still eat free at Denny's on thursdays.