Working On Finding Work to Work

Not that I haven't been working hard lately, but it's about time I got a job. One that pays money.
I hear the hardest part is just deciding what kind of job you want to get.
So I'm making lists.

What I'm Good At:

-Looking Good
-Writering words
-Pretending to pay attention
-Not getting a job
-Getting Distracted Online

Jobs I'd Like:

Professional Writerer of Words
Professional Time Traveler
Crime Fighter (low pay)
Professional Reader of Written Words
People Helper Person

Since it looks like Time Traveling and Writering both require college degree's, I might be out of luck. When I say out of luck I mean I'm on a crash course to a minimum wage position at the Springdale Country Novelty Hat and Hummel Store across the street from my apartment. And I think they'll turn me down on the basis of myself being a male and not over the age of fifty.
I think I mostly want a job involving interaction with other people and doesn't involve selling or making food. My problem is that I'm not sure a job like that really exists. It's a toss up.
Let me know if you have any ideas.

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