It must be my Birthday!

Well, actually it was yesterday, June 30. But I did have most of this post "written" yesterday, so I say it's still good to go.

Last night was a blast. We all got together at my apartment and celebrated my birthday the only way we knew how.

By watching Gymkata while under the influence.

I could never express to you how awesomely and amazingly bad Gymkata is. So I won't. Instead I'll just say you have to watch it.

And let me just say there's a great twist near the end involving a man in a white cloak that you will never expect coming.
At least I hope you'll never expect it coming.
Gosh this movie is great.

But best part of all? Imagine watching it while getting to wear THIS:

Beth crocheted it for me!
Which means that the gift I gave her has officially been reduced to "embarrassingly Gymkata-bad." Still, I hope my gift to her beats a LAN cable, which I did happen to receive as a collective gift from my friends Robert, Cory and Randall.
I'll meet them later in the parking lot when I'm dressed as this:

That's actually my crime fighting outfit.

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