The Happiest Place On Earth

Guess where I got to go today!
No! I got to go to Disneyland!

I went along with my brother, his wife, my nephew Silas, and my new niece Eden. It was a momentous occasion.

When we approached Tomorrowland, Silas was of course enraptured by the presence of the giant rocket ships circling the Astro Orbitors. I must admit, although I worked at Disneyland for a spell, I never actually had a chance to ride the rockets, even though I really wanted to. The reasoning for this was that the rockets, as an attraction, are essentially the same ride as Dumbo, except without Elephants and more rockets. There really isn't any reason to ride them.
So, naturally, I was excited to have the opportunity to hop on board with Silas and my big brother Ben.

The only problem was that these type of rides weren't really imagineered to fit two full-sized adults (my brother and I) along with a child (my nephew). Although it's certainly capable of doing so, it's anatomically difficult to manage. Also it looks kind of gay. Not that I'm afraid of looking gay or anything. In fact, we were about to manage it anyway, but the woman buckling in passengers yelled to me, "There's another rocket on the other side!"

I made a split second decision, and as a result I ended up flying this rocket solo.


On the one hand, I had the joy of knowing that because of me a rocket-less child would have to wait in line five more minutes. On the other hand I faced the depressing realization of how much easier it would be for me to reach the control stick had there been someone else sitting with me.

Yes, outer-space is a cold merciless frontier, a lonely place devoid of life. I discovered this as I sailed through the sky over the Buzz-Lightyear attraction. But what can you do but enjoy the ride?

I'm not sure exactly why I keep ending up on these lone voyages. It certainly isn't on purpose, I don't think. I guess in the meantime all I can do is hope that someday this Astronaut will find a partner to explore the unknown reaches of the Universe.

Until that time though I'll just have to make due with random trips to Arby's.


Beth said...

yeah, it's really a shame about those Arby's bucks.

BEN said...

The trip to the Diz was fun. We'll probably do it 10 or 12 more times over the next year. We'll do Dumbo next time.