Party Animals

So much has been going on, and without internets at my apartment I have to inconveniently cram all the action into minuscule posts. So I don't have a lot of space here to elaborate on big news, like my niece that was born last night, or my parents coming into town, or the dozen cacti Anthony and I bought at IKEA. I only have enough room to focus on the most important things first.

Yesterday I petted bunnies at Pet City in Whittier.

They were fluffy, small, and mixed in with the Guinea Pigs (which looked the exact same except with shorter ears). They were adorable, and they were piled up and spooning each other in a display of lovely cloud-like fluffiness.

We also saw lot's of lizards and snakes. Less fluffy, but still adorable in their own way.
Somehow I can never get over the feeling that most pet store cages don't actually have any animals in them. I tend to always just assume that there's a lizard or tarantula hiding or camouflaged in the corner. Essentially, Pet City could be filled with empty cages and I would still be entertained.

Beth and I went there after basking in burrito goodness, which probably explains the friendly attitude the dog's seemed to display when we petted them.
Usually I'm a pretty nervous guy around dogs. In fact I still kind of am. They can be big animals, and it doesn't take much for anyone to imagine one such animal taking me down in one adorable paw-swipe. Still, somehow I felt comfortable around these ones.
Maybe that's why they're a thousand dollars a piece.

I felt bad for the cheaper dogs, the other cheaper animals especially. It's kind of a strange concept that we can even pay money to own a living creature, stranger still is that a bunny is just twenty bucks.

Yeah. I get it. Companionship is priceless, and a thousand bucks for a dog is a sacrifice many are willing to make.
The problem with me is that I immediately enter a thrifty way of thinking.
For a thousand dollars I could buy FIFTY bunnies.

Or I could just buy two bunnies and wait.

Either way, it's a steal.

But then again, maybe it's not the money that matters. Maybe these dogs are just dogs, the bunnies just bunnies, the pet tarantulas just terrifying pet tarantulas. Maybe it's not just the smell of delicious burritos on my hands or even my sense of self-confidence. Maybe it's just a matter of feeling comfortable where you are. Maybe it's just who you're with.

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Beth said...

now if only we could cage every dog before it comes into contact with you there would be nothing to fear. or just always eat burritos. yes, that's it.