Sparks Flew

Dinner with the Massie family was fantastic. We had the meal at BJ's, a great pizza place in Huntington Beach. The only downside was that I kept checking my clock/phone to make sure I wasn't running short on time. Beth and I had made plans earlier to go see Wall*E and I had already pushed it back from the 6:30 showing to the 9:00 so that Anthony and his girlfriend could see it too. Dinner was running slow and I found myself in a situation where I didn't want to rush things, but kind of did anyways because, let's face it, I really wanted to rush things and get to the movie on time.

So the Massie's dropped us off back at the apartment. We were in the middle of saying goodbye, when we started to hear a deafening scratching sound approach us. It was a sound not unlike a fighter jet being flown directly through a cheese-grater.
Immediately our conversation drops and I turn my head.

That very moment, a massive pick-up truck sped by, missing a wheel, and shooting from under it a fountain of a million sparks.

Without a questioning it, we ran towards the direction the vehicle passed, reaching the end of the driveway just in time to see a cop car rush past and halt at the stoplight where the truck ceased to move.

The smell of the burning rubber and metal was thick and by no means healthy. We looked at the truck as it smoldered and a small crowd of people already started to gather. With us was a man on a bicycle who laughed.
The policeman began to get out of his vehicle, and the man on the bicycle said it out loud before any of us could. "Go."

Violently the truck rumbled and jolted itself forward, once again starting the fireworks show rocking at full force underneath it's metal carcass. Surprisingly, the truck still went pretty fast down the road, with the cop car close behind.
Within seconds more cops came rushing past.

We thought the show was over, so we went inside as the Massie's pulled their car away.
Within minutes however, they called again, noting that the truck was now engulfed in flames.

Not ones to miss a show, Anthony, Micah and I hopped in the Honda and drove the mile up the street to see it's extinguished remains as the driver was being looked over by paramedics. By this point I realized there was no way Anthony or his girlfriend Sarah would be going to see Wall*E that night, considering that Sarah had been sick and there was no way to pull Anthony away from anything involving car's and fire, so I shook my head and left.

I texted Beth to say we better make it the 9:50 showing, and I actually made it.

The movie was breathtaking. Just beautiful. And to top off the evening we got some food after the movie as well.

I felt a little bad about it though, my delays.
Sure, it's not often you get to see someone get "four stars" Grand Theft Auto Style in real life, but it's not often you get to share an Island Fizz at Denny's with a girl either. Really, when it comes down to it, I think I'd prefer the latter of the two.

I suppose it isn't really a choice, but at least that night I managed to get both.

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Beth said...

2 girls! what a night!