I'm not a fan of it.

I went to Biola University today to see how much of college I actually have left and the general consensus is two years. These are mostly Bible and left-over film major courses, which basically means I'd spend the next two years divided between people who I can't get drunk with and people who are already drunk but mostly off of their own self confidence.
I hate film majors.

Apart from two years of my life, I will have the added benefit of paying for it. Or, rather, not in my life ever being able to pay for it since I'm technically an out of state student because I lived in Bethesda to take tons of community college classes that apparently didn't stop me from still re-entering Biola as a Junior instead of a Senior.

Also I get to go to 30 chapels AND 8 mission conferences each semester. Which means over two years I'll get to "attend" a total of 152 of them.
I'd offer to get them out the way all at once by spending an entire week inside of a dark church non-stop while singing "Blind Man," but somehow I doubt admissions will go for it.

I also get to have the uncertainty of whether I'll actually have a job afterwards, which means I'll be in a similar situation that I am now, but with the slight added benefit of a degree but the disadvantage of having no money at all.

Oh yeah, and I have no idea if I'll be able to pass all these classes in the first place. I still have a third year of French left and the only reason I passed last time was because the majority of my class was failing.

Or, I could just stay in school for another two years after these ones and become a doctor.

Basically, the only plus side is that my parents will stop nagging me about a degree and start nagging me more about getting married or having kids or moving back home to their basement.

To summarize, I hate college, and film majors, and French class. DC still haunts my nightmares. Suck it Mr. Darcy.

Dear me, I have turned this into every other blog ever made, where I complain about my over-privileged life.

I'm sorry.

here's a picture of Eddie Murphy's giant head on a highway.

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Beth said...

horrifying. school and eddie murphy.
mostly eddie murphy.